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Addressing Public Health and Chemical Exposures: An Action Agenda” by the Leadership Council of the National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures (June 2011) (PDF)

Advancing Green Chemistry: An Action Plan for Michigan Green Chemistry Research, Development, and Education” (September 2008); A report prepared by the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production – University of Massachusetts Lowell for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (PDF)

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California Green Chemistry Initiative Final Report 2008” (Report PDF) (Appendices PDF)

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Green Chemistry in California: A Framework for Leadership in Chemicals Policy and Innovation” (2006); Special Report prepared for The California Senate Environmental Quality Committee, The California Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials by Michael P. Wilson with Daniel A. Chia and Bryan C. Ehlers (California Policy Research Center, University of California) [PDF] [CPRC Brief version – PDF]

Green Chemistry: Cornerstone to a Sustainable California” (2008); A Report prepared by the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (University of California) for the California Environmental Protection Agency [PDF]

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How Can A Green Center Help the Automotive Industry Succeed? Feasibility Study for Establishing a Center for Green Innovation & Technology transfer for the Automotive Industry in Michigan” (April 30, 2010). A report on the SAE Green Engineering & Technology Transfer Workshop (PDF)

Michigan Green Jobs Report 2009: Occupations & Employment in the New Green Economy” (May 2009); A report prepared for the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth by the Bureau of Labor Market Information & Strategic Initiatives (PDF)

New England Green Chemistry Challenge 2011-2012 Strategic Report – designing chemicals and processes that reduce or eliminate hazardous substances” (PDF). A report submitted to US EPA Region 1 by the New England Green Chemistry Networking Forum.

Options to Reduce and Phase-out Priority Chemicals in Children’s Products and Promote Green Chemistry: Report to the Legislature” (December 2010). A report submitted to the State of Minnesota Legislature by MPCA and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) (PDF)

Sustainability in the Chemical Industry: Grand Challenges and Research Needs – A Workshop Report” (2005) (View online)

  Scientific Journals

ChemSusChem; Wiley-VCH [exit to external website]

Green Chemistry; Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)Publishing [exit to external website]

Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews; Taylor & Francis Group [exit to external website]

Environmental Health Perspectives; National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [exit to external website]

International Journal of Green Nanotechnology; Taylor & Francis Group [exit to external website]

Journal of Cleaner Production; Elsevier [exit to external website]

Journal of Chemical Education; ACS Publications [exit to external website]

Journal of Industrial Ecology;Wiley-Blackwell [exit to external website]

The Chemical Educator [exit to external website]

New Journal: American Chemical Society announced on May 2, 2012 its introduction of a new journal, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, with the first issue to be published in January 2013.   The journal scope will emphasize five focal areas of research: (i) life-cycle assessment, (ii) green chemistry, (iii) waste as resources, (iv) alternative energy, and (v) green innovative manufacturing. [More information]

  Scientific Journal Articles

The scientific journal Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews offers free access to its [Most Read Articles].

The scientific journal Green Chemistry offers free access to select articles (in PDF) upon setting up a free registration account [exit to external website].

Katharine Sanderson (2011) Chemistry: It’s not easy being green; Nature, 469: 18-20 (Published online on 5 January 2011) [PDF available; exit to external website]

Free articles on LCA meta-analysis: The Journal of Industrial Ecology has published a special issue, entitled “Meta-Analysis of Life Cycle Assessments“, which is freely available here.

The application of meta-analysis to LCA can help decision makers and researchers analyze multiple and competing studies. The special issue includes 6 studies from the LCA Harmonization Project of the U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), namely:

  • Utility-scale wind power
  • Thin-film photovoltaics (PV)
  • Crystalline silicon photovoltaics (PV)
  • Concentrating solar power (CSP)
  • Carbon capture and storage  (CCS)
  • Nuclear power
  • Coal
  • Desktop computers
  • Printers
  • Biobased materials
  Media Articles

USA TODAY (11/22/2004): Green chemistry takes root by Elizabeth Weise

The New York Times (3/25/2009): Green chemistry’ movement sprouts in colleges, companies by Sara Goodman, GREENWIRE

Scientific American (5/28/2010): Green Chemistry: Scientists Devise New “Benign by Design” Drugs, Paints, Pesticides and More by Emily Laber-Warren

MiBiz (November 16, 2010) “EPA’s Anastas — father of green chemistry — praises Michigan efforts

Forbes Magazine-Green Tech (12/28/2011): Better Profits Through Green Chemistry by Amy Westervelt

Forbes Magazine-Tech (2/2/2012): The Father of Green Chemistry by Josh Wolfe


Paul Anastas on Marketplace® Sustainability Desk (America Public Media®), March 23, 2011 [For full transcript of the podcast; exit to external website]