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Sudhakar G. Reddy obtained his Ph.D. in mass spectrometry in 1980 from National Chemistry Laboratory, India.  He held various positions in academia and private businesses and has several years of experience in green analytical chemistry and developed several ‘green’ methods in analyses of priority pollutants and other chemicals.   Dr. Reddy, as a Sustainability Coordinator is currently promoting operational side of green chemistry and engineering across the campus at the University of Michigan through pollution prevention, waste minimization and sustainability.

Academic Activity

The University of Michigan with 3100 acres of campus, 42,000 students, 38,000 faculty and staff and an annual budget of 5.9 billion dollars, poses an incredible challenge to develop and lead sustainable operations throughout the community.  Through the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) Sudhakar focuses on the operational side of campus sustainability through teaching, research and practice involving green chemistry and engineering.  OCS produces an annual report to track metrics on reuse, recycle, water, utilities and energy consumption, carbon foot print and other variables.  The Office promotes best lab practices through a newly developed unique Sustainable Laboratory Recognition program.  This program encourages lab users to practice green chemistry, improve health and safety, reduce use and generation of hazardous materials, conserve energy and utilities, and to increase reuse and recycling.  Through the Chemical Reuse program, he redistributes unused and unopened chemicals to those interested at free of charge saving several thousands of dollars a year in purchase and disposal.  Being the forerunners of Mercury elimination program in the state, the OCS eliminated mercury and mercury containing devices from the campus.  Furthermore, this toxic metal has been eliminated in teaching laboratories.   The University of Michigan is committed in developing green chemistry, green engineering and sustainability courses encompassing future needs and challenges through a unique model of living-learning laboratory.

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University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Office of Campus Sustainability

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