Biographical Sketch

Bob received his B.A. from Whitman College in Chemistry and Biology, an M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire, and a Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry and Biochemistry from Washington State University.  He has worked as an Environmental Chemist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Corning Corporation, and Saginaw Valley State University.  He currently works for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, where he has spent 8 years in the areas of wastewater and storm water compliance.  On a part-time basis, he also teaches Environmental and Green Chemistry at SVSU.


Professional Interests

Bob’s research interests have centered on the fate of chemicals in water and soil environments.  This includes biodegradation rates and pathways, adsorption onto clay particles and humus, volatilization, uptake into plants, and leaching to groundwater.  This information can then be combined with ecotoxicology data to construct scenarios for the most likely fate and effect of a product or pollutant in each environment. 

Currently, he works with people in wastewater treatment, to help them comply with state and federal regulations, understand the chemistry involved, and improve their laboratory testing for water quality.  He also responds to public complaints and questions on water quality in streams and lakes.  On a state-wide basis, he serves on a committee which overseas wastewater issues in Michigan.


Green Chemistry Teaching Interests

At Saginaw Valley State University, Bob teaches Chemistry 417, Environmental Chemistry, which focuses on the natural chemistry of water, soil, and air, and on the fate and effects of pollutants added to these environments.   He is also teaching a new course, Chemistry 418, Green and Sustainable Chemistry.  This course focuses on pollution prevention and design of reactions and products to reduce waste, remove toxic chemicals, improve degradability of products, and explore uses of natural materials.


Contact information

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

401 Ketchum Street

Bay City, Michigan  48708

Phone:  989-894-6273