Biographical Sketch

Kathe is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and Eastern Michigan University.  She then worked at Calgon Corporation in St. Louis, MO a subsidiary of Merck Pharmaceutical.  She later moved back to Michigan and completed course work for certification in secondary education in Biology and Chemistry.  After completing her certification Kathe moved to England where she worked at the University of Warwick helping to teach a two-year course in general science.

Upon returning to Michigan, Kathe began teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.  There, she worked for thirteen years at Community High School in Ann Arbor.  She played an integral role on the startup team for Ann Arbor’s newest high school – Skyline.  Since September 2007, she has been the Science Curriculum Lead Teacher at Skyline.  In this position, Kathe developed a two year integrated science curriculum that incorporates Biology, Earth Science and Physics that is called ACIS (Accelerated Integrated Science) at Skyline HS.

Green Chemistry Work

Kathe first developed an interest in Green Chemistry after being invited by Pfizer to attend a workshop at the Keystone Center in Colorado, where she was asked to be on the development group in developing labs and projects in Green Chemistry.  Since that time, she has acted as an education consultant with Beyond Benign and conducted Green Chemistry workshops to chemistry teachers from around the world.  Kathe has also presented her work on Green Chemistry curriculum development to several regional and national venues.  She currently is a K-12 representative for the Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable.

From these experiences at the Green Chemistry workshops and working for Beyond Benign, Kathe pursued developing a Sustainable/Green Chemistry course at Skyline.   The course was finalized and implemented for the first time in March 2010.  Kathe believes that as a chemistry educator, it is important to think about one’s impact on the environment with the chemicals that they use.  She also wants her students to be aware of how to limit their impact on the environment, hence naming the course Sustainable/Green Chemistry or S/G Chem for short.  The course begins by introducing the students to sustainability and then to the 12 steps of Green Chemistry.  Students then are introduced to industrial applications of Green Chemistry and how it applies to their high school labs.  The course also uses labs that simulate processes that won Presidential Green Chemistry Awards.

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Skyline High School

2552 N. Maple
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