The use of Green Chemistry and Engineering in the market strategies of businesses throughout the Great Lakes region is growing as companies look for ways to meet consumer demand for products and processes that are more sustainable.

Conference Details

  • Conference Flyer (PDF)
  • For the agenda, registration and other information (e.g. accomodation), please visit the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Conference website.

Webinar Broadcasts

Recordings of the following sessions of the conference are freely available.

Day Session Windows Media File
November 13 Welcome Address by Susan Hedman (U.S. EPA Region 5 Administrator)
November 13 Morning Keynote Address – Paul Anastas
November 13 Panel 1: The Business Case for Green Chemistry and Engineering I
November 13 Panel 2:The Business Case for Green Chemistry and Engineering II – Public Private Partnerships
November 13 Lunch Keynote Address – David Widawsky
November 13 Panel 3:How Government and NGOs Support the Growth of Green Chemistry as a Driver for Economic Development
November 13 Afternoon Keynote Address – Terry Collins Coming soon
November 14 2025 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program – Jeff Burke (National Pollution Prevention Roundtable)
November 14 Panel 4: Turning Great Lakes Challenges into Business Opportunities