Welcome to the Education section of the Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse.  

The current societal needs and concerns demand a fundamental shift in the core content of chemistry teaching. Chemists are the ones who create new products and design new process that, in turn, influence human health and the environment. Focused and enthusiastic, chemists bring tremendous services to the society and find new solutions to old or new problems. However, the same chemists are unprepared to strike a balance between the benefits and ill-effects of their work. A bridge has to be built between the chemists’ work, the environment and human health.

A bridgehead is available in the tools and principles of Green Chemistry; extended support stands in the sister disciplines, like toxicology, ecotoxicology, natural resource management, environmental science and others. A joint effort and common goals should lead to new generations of professionals that will understand, practice, apply, teach, and advocate (for) green chemistry. Our mission is to support integration of green chemical concepts into the curriculum of K-12, post-secondary, and graduate education and provide future Michigan scientists with a competitive edge in the emerging green-focused employment marketplace.

For the generations we educate today, green should become the new norm!

The Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse is committed to greening Chemistry programs at Educational institutions.  We have included a link on this site promoting the Green Chemistry Commitment for Schools, Colleges, and Universities, and currently Grand Valley State University, Lawrence Tech and Michigan Tech have signed on.

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