Two Michigan Universities Commit to National Green Chemistry Leadership Program

Grand Valley State University and Michigan Technological University have joined as initial signers to the Green Chemistry Commitment. Both are active members of the Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable. Grand Valley State University is one of a few institutions in the country that offers a Certificate in Green Chemistry for chemistry majors while Michigan Technological University has a continuing commitment to sustainability and environmental research.

The Green Chemistry Commitment is a national effort to encourage the teaching of skills and knowledge for green chemistry within higher education institutions, led by the non-profit Beyond Benign Foundation. The Department of Chemistry at Grand Valley State University was featured at the launch of the Commitment during the national Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Washington, D.C. this year.

Green chemistry is defined as the reduction in use or generation of hazardous substances in chemical processes and products. Green chemistry education is critical to enable the next generation of scientists to develop innovative new materials and processes while simultaneously making our environment safer and more sustainable.

The Green Chemistry Commitment is open to any higher education institution willing to work towards implementing key benchmarks for green chemistry education. More information on the Commitment can be found at

The Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable recognizes the leadership shown by these organizations and looks forward to working with other institutions in Michigan to join the Commitment. The Commitment represents an opportunity for higher education institutions to further the goals of the State of Michigan Green Chemistry Program.

To find more information on the Michigan Green Chemistry Program and Roundtable, visit the DEQ Web page at, or call the DEQ Environmental Assistance Center at 800‑662-9278.

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Green Chemistry webinars

The Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse and the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network have teamed up to provide monthly webinars on issues related to safer materials and green chemistry. The public is welcome to join. For more information, please click here.