Video archive of webinars hosted by the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network and Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse. PDF copies of the webinars presentations are housed here.


The Minnesota Green Chemistry Forum: Encouraging business innovation to make safe products using safe production methods” by Kathleen Schuler, MPH (Co-Director, Healthy Legacy; Senior Policy Analyst, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

Green Chemistry in Minnesota and Beyond” by Timothy Kapsner (Senior Research Scientist, Aveda Corporation)


May 18, 2011: "Green Chemistry Education" by Amy Cannon

June 29, 2011: "Design Signals for Chemists" by Karen Peabody O’Brien and John Peterson Myers

July 20, 2011: “Nature is Alive with Green Chemistry” by Bryony Schwan and Mark Dorfman


August 3, 2011: “Businesses Changing Markets and Advocating for Policy Reform” by David Levine, Barry Cik and Larry Weis


September 14, 2011: "The Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse" by Deborah Steketee and Clinton Boyd

October 19, 2011: "Alternatives Assessment, New Tools for Safer Chemicals" by Ken Geiser 

November 16, 2011: "Green Chemistry Advances at EPA" by John Leazer

December 7, 2011: “VeruTEK Green Chemistry Solutions for Environmental Remediation” by Dan Socci and Bethany McAvoy 

January 11, 2012: "Alternatives Assessment and Safer Product Labeling as Drivers for Green Chemistry" by Clive Davies

February 15, 2012: “Labor and Environmental Health Activists Build Alliances to Promote Green Chemistry” by Tolle Graham and Ed Collins

March 14, 2012: “Neurodevelopmental outcomes in children associated with chemical exposures occurring early in life” by Amir Miodovnick


March 28, 2012: "Opportunities for a career in Chemistry and how to get hired" by Julie McLachlan



March 28, 2012: “Introduction to the GreenScreen” by Shari A. Franjevic 




April 18, 2012:  "Green Chemistry in Minnesota" by Kathleen Schuler and Timothy Kapsner 



May 16, 2012: “Enhancing Green Innovation and Sustainable Practices in the Automotive Sector” by Carol Henry



June 13, 2012: "Green Buildings move toward Green Chemistry" by Tom Lent