What is Green Chemistry?

Beyond Benign: Interview with John Warner on importance of education

Introduction to Green Chemistry by Terry Collins

California DTSC Success Story – Teaching Green Chemistry at UC Berkeley

Featured Video: Stephen Maldonado

Stephen Maldonado is the 2013 Governor’s Green Chemistry Academic Award Winner.

 Michigan’s Bioeconomy Institute

Michigan’s Bioeconomy Institute: Blazing a Trail to the Bioeconomy

 Chun Ho Lam

2013 Michigan Green Chemistry Student Poster Winner

 Robert Maleczka

Michigan Green Chemistry Leaders Series

Designing a Sustainable Michigan
Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids hosted the 2013 Greenup Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Conference in October. Terry Collins, Teresa Heinz Professor of Green Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University, gave the keynote address. Awards were also presented for the 5th Annual Michigan Green Chemistry Governor’s Award for innovation in Green Chemistry to academics, businesses and students.

greenUp 2013 Success (PDF)