• “Green Chemistry and Engineering in the Automotive Industry” by Richard E Kleine EdD (2011 SAE International President)
  • “Fostering Green Chemistry in the Auto Industry: A Michigan Perspective” by Clinton S Boyd PhD (Sustainable Research Group LLC) and Carol J Henry PhD, D.A.B.T (George Washington University) (Presentation PDF)
  • “InfiChem Recycled Polyol for Use in Automotive Seating Foam via Close Loop Recycling” by Gerald Winslow and John Reynolds (InfiChem Polymers LLC)
  • “Implementation of an automated process for chemical safety assessment within the automotive industry” by Patricia J. Beattie PhD (Arcalis Scientific LLC), Joseph P. Rinkevich, and Thomas G. Osimitz PhD (Science Strategies LLC)
  • “Use of bio-based polymers and composites to reduce GHG and toxic chemical emissions in the automotive sector” by Craig A. Crawford (Ontario BioAuto Council)
  • “Selection, Validation, Processing, and Use of Green Materials in theManufacturing of Automotive Parts: An Industry Perspective on the GreenRevolution” by Hamdy Khalil PhD and Romeo Stanciu  (The WoodbridgeGroup)
  • “Biofuels and the auto industry: Modern trends in biofuels and biofuel-related inventions” by Sandra Thompson PhD

2011 Michigan Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference (GreenUp 2011) – Advancing Innovation for a Sustainable Future (October 27, 2011; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Below is a list of presentations relevant to the auto industry. For full conference details click here.

Session: Biomaterials

Session: Green Innovation Driving the Auto Industry

Closing Panel: Advancing Innovation for a Sustainable Future

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